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Afrobeat Basic to Amazing Series 4 | SkiiBii – Sensima

skiibii,sensima,skiibii sensima,skiibii - sensima      


Afrobeat Industry SADH Drum Pack Vol.1

Afrobeat has taken the musical world by storm and with this exclusive new release 'SADH PACK' by best-selling production industry have mix...


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The premium membership is available anywhere in the world. Learn How to Make AfroBeats Like the Pros which will help you learn music production 10 times faster.  Download all our products with no cost, Learn Music Theory, Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design and More. 

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That’s why I created the Premium Membership Program.

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We will reveal cutting edge music industry production technique that the pros will never show you because you would become their competition.

To be clear, we study top charting songs and trending songs and find all the components which make them great. We break it down into easy step-by-step processes you can follow in ANY DAW.

This training is made easy for you. No need to waste time in boring music lessons or watching random tutorials on YouTube.

All training is highly prepared to fit the modern sound and was created to teach you from the ground up, so you understand the fundamentals of music production, music theory, mixing, and sound design.



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